White Bubblegum marijuana strain is an Indica dominant strain that was grown by the brilliant minds of THClone. Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping. As the name suggests, White Bubblegum strongly smells of cotton candy, earth, and flowers. Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping. This strain is amazing to consume during the nighttime as it delivers a nice mellow relaxation, but beware, don't try chewing the strain thinking it will taste like bubblegum...trust us, it won't... White Bubblegum marijuana strain is great for daytime and nightime use. Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping

Type of High

White Bubblegum marijuana hits you with a nice cerebral euphoria that leaves you focused and motivated. Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping. The strain then follows with relaxation. Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping


Breeder: THClone. Genetics: White Bubblegum weed strain is a cross between Snow White and Bubble Gum. Buy Marijuana online with worldwide shipping


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White Bubblegum