Purple Haze strain

Purple Haze marijuana is a 60/40 Sativa dominant marijuana hybrid. The breeders of this kush remain unknown. Named after Jimi Hendrix’s song, it induces psychedelic cerebral haze upon consumption, such effect may not be suitable for everyone. Purple Haze buds are dark green with purple, some nugs have bright blue hues. Buy marijuana online. This marijuana strain is mildly potent, great for social parties, weekends, morning and day time use.

While there is some controversy around Purple Haze’s exact lineage, the consensus is that it is a cross between two sativa-dominant strains, namely Purple Thai and Haze. Buy marijuana online. Purple Haze itself is a slightly sativa-dominant strain with a sativa to indica ratio of 60:40.

Type of High

It induces euphoric, happy cerebral high with significant energy boost. Promotes chattiness, boosts creativity, alleviates stress. May cause psychedelic and altered sensory experience.

Super stimulating and thought-provoking, It is both an excellent solo strain or one to share with some friends! And if you are sharing this strain with your significant other, it is one of the most effective aphrodisiac strains out there!

After first consuming this strain, you may experience a slight pressure in your temples or your cheeks may become flushed. You can expect an uplifting, euphoric, and cerebral high.

Like Hendrix, you may also find yourself lost in a Purple Haze after consuming this potent and psychedelic strain. You will find yourself thinking more creatively and abstractly, and even mundane things may start to become more interesting. Buy marijuana online.

Purple Haze consumers say that this strain also has a psychedelic-like effect. You may experience a heightened perception to visual and auditory stimuli in particular. This strain may not be suitable for a novice smoker due to the combination of its psychedelic and potent effects.

Medical Benefits of Purple Haze

The strain has several purported health benefits. Medicinal consumers suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety may benefit from Purple Haze’s long-lasting euphoric high. These mood-enhancing and uplifting effects may also help people who are looking to destress and unwind.

It’s energizing effects may also prove beneficial to medicinal consumers suffering from chronic fatigue. As already mentioned, Purple Haze is a classic wake-and-bake strain that offers consumers a much-needed energy boost.

Some medicinal consumers say that this strain also has some moderate anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties too. Buy marijuana online.

Purple Haze